Why Should I Use VanillaLaw Docs?

The VLD platform helps our users get started with a series of free, basic and customisable agreements that relates to the 5 common business functions, namely Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Business Structure. . In order to ensure the agreements are drafted for our users’ needs, users also have access to our lawyers (www.vanillalaw.com.sg) who can assist to review the agreements for a reasonable fee.

Who Should/Can Use VanillaLaw Docs?

Aspiring and current business owners who are at any stage of their business cycle – whether you are starting a business or are looking to expand your operations locally or overseas, VLD will be able to support these plans with the appropriate agreements tailored to the business plans.

How is VanillaLaw Docs different from other software on the market?

Most document assembly/drafting software exists primarily to produce a legal document that does not require the review of a licensed lawyer. In short, they exist to provide a simple, end-to-end process.

VanillaLaw Docs was not developed for this purpose – it was meant to augment the drafting process by getting our clients to execute part of the work, with the lawyer coming in thereafter to complete the remainder of the process. In this way, savings in fees are passed on to the client.

Our software allows (1) our clients to get more knowledgeable and educated on how the law and their business needs interact, and (2), lets our lawyers focus on deeply understanding our client’s business and provide relevant, targeted legal advice to them that addresses their needs.

How Do I Use VanillaLaw Docs?

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