Necessity, which is the mother of all inventions gave birth to VanillaLaw Docs (VLD). Back in 2014, conventional document assembly systems did not have a client-facing component, what we now call, Client Facing Document Assembly (CDFA). Though some companies have provided their document assembly softwares that is client-facing, their products were based on fixed templates which are not recommended for the construction of contracts. As such, we decided to develop VLD on our own, so that we could have a CFDA system that was easy for ourselves and our clients to use.

With over 25 years of working experience with small-medium enterprises (SMEs). We understand that SMEs typically face the following issues when it comes to running a business:

(1) Lack of sufficient/relevant legal knowledge around different business functions
(2) Limitation around resources (money, time and talent)

The VLD platform addresses these issues by providing a user-friendly and comprehensive way for business owners to affordably draft agreements for their businesses, whilst getting better educated on legal matters pertaining to running a business.

The first iteration of VLD was completed in 2015, and we officially launched it to the public in 2016. VLD, was integral to the digitisation of VanillaLaw LLC, and is a key component of the law firm’s Unbundled Service Philosophy. By making part of the contract drafting process easy and user-friendly to our clients, we reduced the overall cost of obtaining a well-drafted agreement.

The platform also provides access to our own house lawyers in the event our clients need legal support. As an SME ourselves, we know exactly the challenges SMEs face, and we are dedicated to helping SMEs resolve or alleviate their business challenges.