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A Document Self-Assembly Ecosystem That Gives Business Owners Professionally Drafted Legal Documents With Minimal Costs

How It Works

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How It Works

We hear you!
Legal fees are expensive. Here’s a tool for you to assemble a contract with clauses prepared by trained and licensed lawyers. After which, lawyers can review the draft.

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A Special Mention

Tech for more productive interaction with clients: A good example is VanillaLaw® Docs, an interactive web-based platform created by Singapore law firm, VanillaLaw® LLC. VanillaLaw® LLC developed their own online contract template which, when used together with this platform, allows their clients to insert relevant information to prepare the first draft of legal documents.

The law firm reviews this and focuses on issues requiring legal advice and drafting amendments. The end product is still cleared by qualified lawyers but this technology enabled process cuts down the need for multiple or long meetings to take instructions. This saves time and costs for firm and clients.


Indranee Rajah S.C., Senior Minister Of State For Law, SIngapore
(16 May 2017)



With the participation of the business owner in preparing the first draft of the document, it ensures the process of assembling documents fast and accurate, plus huge savings of legal costs.

Simplified Integration

Here at VanillaLaw® Docs, we have unified and simplified the document assembly process with best practice clauses and precedents, drafted by lawyers for the business owners.

Central Control

A central control of your business documents can ensure consistency of best practice content. This helps to mitigate the risk of compliance errors

Real Time Updates

Centralised control of the business documents lets the adminstrator update and deploy content and manage access rights

Legal Support

Post assembly of document, you can call upon our legal team to review and advice on specific clauses

Fequently asked questions (FAQ)

The VanillaLaw® Docs (VLD) platform is a Do-It-Yourself online document assembly software that helps business owners get started with a series of basic and customisable documents. The clauses in the software are crafted by licensed lawyers so that the final draft document assembled conforms to a basic legal structure. Post assembly, if legal review of the document is required, it will help save costs.

Aspiring and current business owners who are at any stage of their business cycle – whether you are starting a business or are looking to expand your operations locally or overseas. VLD is able to support these plans with the appropriate documents tailored to the business plans.

The majority of document assembly software exists primarily for the legal industry (ie for lawyers to streamline their internal processes). VanillaLaw® Docs is designed for the lay business owner with simple user guide explanation notes against the clauses. It was developed to augment the drafting process by getting you to execute part of the work, with the lawyer coming in (post assembly) to complete the remainder of the process with review and advice. In this way, savings in fees are passed on to you.

If you are new user, click here to sign up for a free account and get started to assemble your document.

If you already have an account, click here to login.

If this happens, you will need to push on and continue completing the assembling process. Make a note of the clauses you have difficulty understanding. At the end of the assembling process, you will be directed to instructions to engage the services of a legal team to assist with the review and advice of the completed document

The prices of assembled documents varies. Price begins at S$70.

Yes, you definitely need to pay separately for legal services. Upon completing the assembling process of a document, you can hire legal service for
a) customisation of specific clauses
b) review and advice of completed document

The price of legal service starts at S$350. Please contact us here for a quote (after you have completed the assembling process)

If this happens, the incomplete document will be saved as a draft in “Manage Document”. You can carry on to complete assembling the document at the next opportunity to do so.

You can access all your previously created documents after logging in by clicking ‘Manage Documents’ where you can then Edit, Preview or Download the completed documents.

The clauses have all been prepared by licensed lawyers and you are encouraged to reach out to the legal team here if you want to customise the clauses safely while maintaining the integrity and overall structure of the document.

After payment is made and you are in possession of the document, you may share the document. You are cautioned that you do this at your own risk as the document was created with your business objectives in mind (not that of your business associates / friends).

You should recommend the software to your business associates/friends to sign up for their own account and start to assemble their own set of documents according to their business objectives.

Yes, please contact us here for a discussion on scope of work and quote.

The software is hosted on microsoft azure cloud servers and is available 24/7 so there is no need to perform any download. You only need to either sign up (for new users) or login if you already have an account.

Oops, looks like you’ve discovered a bug, we’ll iron it out ASAP! Please contact us here

Simply click Login and then click ‘Forgot Username/Password’. You will receive a reset email for you to update your password and regain access to your account.

If you’ve forgotten the email you used to create your account, please contact us here for assistance.

Your account will never expire once it has been created. If you forgot the login details, please refer to the question above for assistance.

The software is protected with SSI Certificate and very safe. For extra security, we would advise that you also maintain a duplicate copy of the completed document in a separate archive system.

You can contact our online chat helpdesk available during working hours on weekdays or reach out to us at for any other enquiries and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.

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No more being placed on hold or getting shuffled from one unknown individual to another, whatever your issues are in using this software, use the various ways provided here to reach out to us

All enquiries (including technical support)

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All enquiries (including technical support)

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